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So You Want To Build An Extension…But Where Do You Start?

You’ve made the decision to extend your home…congratulations! It’s a big step to take but we can guarantee once it’s completed, you won’t regret it! Bringing your vision to a reality is an exciting time, but, if this is the first time you’ve undertaken any significant building work, it can be a bit of a […]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Loft Conversion Company

Loft conversions are a fantastic way of extending your home to create another multipurpose room without the hassle of moving. With the options that a conversion presents, it’s no surprise more and more homeowners are converting their roof space. With much of the work taking place from the outside, loft conversions are one of the […]

3 Compelling Reasons To Extend Your House

For many, no matter how happy you have been in your home, there comes a time where space becomes a bit tight or tired. It may be that your children need more space, an elderly relative is going to move in with you or you just want to live in a more modernised space. Whatever […]

8 ideas for creating space in your home

Loft by Empire Building Solutions

Love your home but longing for a little more space? Whether you’re wanting to add a bedroom, extend your living room or just be savvier with better storage, here are a few tricks for enhancing your home’s space:

Don’t move, improve!

Living room by Empire Building Solutions

Moving house is up there as one of the most stressful situations we face in modern life, alongside divorce and bereavement, so why put yourself through it? Instead of selling and packing up, there are plenty of benefits for staying put and creating your dream home exactly where you are, as we uncover… Improving isn’t as stressful as moving […]