5 Popular & proven ways to add value to your home

Open plan by Empire Building Solutions

If you are thinking of moving or just want to transform the space in which you are already living, take a look at our popular and proven ways to add value to your home…


It’s believed that a ground floor extension can increase a property’s value by 5%, while adding a bedroom to a two bedroom house can add 12%.

Loft conversion

A loft conversion is one of the most cost-effective ways of adding both space and value to your home, with one adding an estimated 21% to your house price.

New kitchen

As the hub of a home and used so frequently, your kitchen is always worth investing in. So much so, that a spacious, neutral kitchen can add 4% to your property’s price.

Fresh bathroom

Giving your bathroom a new look, or adding a second bathroom or en suite can add 5% to your home’s value. Of course, it’s important that you don’t lose a double bedroom at the expense of creating a new bathroom as this can actually decrease how much your home is worth.

Gorgeous garden

Who says creating space has to just remain inside your home? Make the most of your outdoor space by enhancing your garden. A well-maintained garden is thought to add a whopping 20% to a home’s value.


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